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LEAN on Your Total Body Diet Support Team

By Victoria Shanta Retelny, Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

When you get a couple healthcare members on your Total Body Diet support team, you can begin to build a relationship with them and to lean on them.

Just as with any partnership, a healthy relationship is a priority to your happiness and success. At first, you may want to forge ahead on your own, but over time you may realize that learning to lean on a team of professionals, friends, and family members is a safety net that gives you the security that you can quickly recover from minor setbacks.

For a quick way to think about how to LEAN on your support team, think of it this way:

  • Let someone know about your successes and setbacks this week.

  • Evolve with gradual communication. A small interaction goes a long way.

  • Actively seek out support and don’t wait for it to come to you.

  • Navigate your own path to success by listening and taking recommendations at your discretion.

At first you may have a hard time trusting and revealing your daily doings about your eating and exercise to your support team, but over time you’ll see the value of asking for guidance and help if you feel like you aren’t on the right path.

Support runs the gamut from a quick check-in email to a phone call to a face-to-face meeting. Whatever you see fit as support, that’s what will work for you.

Ask yourself some questions after your interactions with your support team:

  • Do I feel encouraged?

  • Are our interactions constructive and do they move me to make and maintain positive changes?

  • Am I learning anything about myself?

  • Do I want to meet or communicate more or less frequently?

  • Are there ways that I can better utilize my support team?

If you aren’t happy with the support you’re receiving, there is nothing wrong with politely moving on to another provider. If the connection isn’t there, it’s not there. Here are some signs that it may be time to call it quits with a member of your support team:

  • One-way communication: You don’t get return emails or phone calls in a timely manner.

  • Brief interactions: The responses you get are short and don’t offer much information.

  • Lack of enthusiasm: Meetings aren’t positive and encouraging.

  • Chronic rescheduling: The team member makes frequent last-minute cancellations.

The Total Body Diet mentality is as much about what you eat and drink as it is about how you gain a sense of responsibility for taking charge of your health with your choices, actions, and the support you gain along the way. With small steps and the will to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles, you’ll feel more fulfilled, moving through life with a sense of ownership toward your own health and happiness.