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Clean Out Your Body with Fasting

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

Fasting triggers a nearly miraculous cleansing process throughout the entire body. It not only permits organs and glands a much-needed rest, particularly the digestive system, but it also allows for the body’s natural home-cleaning mechanisms (including white blood cells, enzymes, and so on) to course through your body and take out the trash.

That trash includes anything from damaged cells, metabolic waste, toxins, pollutants, unwelcome bacteria or microbes, and even impacted feces.

Muscle tissue enters into a restoration process as well, as old, damaged tissue is recycled when you enter into a fast. This process keeps muscles healthy, young, and strong.

To be clear, unless you live in an immaculately clean vacuum, which is clearly impossible even if such a space existed, you’re bound to accumulate waste, toxins, and pollutants over time through your diet and exposure to less-than-ideal environmental conditions, and the only way to purge these from your body is to fast.

Adding exercise into the mix accelerates this natural process of cleaning and purging. In fact, it actually supercharges it, so to speak. Specifically, it boosts the rate at which your body will recycle dirty, damaged cells and kick starts the process of building new muscle tissue.

If you don’t purge your system from time to time through fasting and exercise, your body will find less effective and less desirable ways to clean itself out for you, such as acne or diarrhea. In fact, foul body odor, putrid breath, pimples, runny stool, and other undesirables are all indicators that your body is overrun by toxins and is in desperate need of a cleanse.

What’s more, the more toxins you accumulate and the less time you take to purge those toxins, the greater the risk of your body just “giving up” and succumbing to any number of fatal conditions, certainly not limited to, but including cancer.

Feeling lightheaded, nauseous, or any unpleasantness while fasting and exercise isn’t the result of a nutritional deficiency. These symptoms referred to as a healing crisis, which is a natural and admittedly annoying period of withdrawal as your body rids itself of toxins, similar to a hangover. They aren’t a sign to stop fasting and exercising, but rather a sign that what you’re doing is working.