Recommended Daily Supplement Program for Good Health - dummies

Recommended Daily Supplement Program for Good Health

By Christopher Hobbs, Elson Haas

Part of Vitamins For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Because your body needs a healthy daily dose of vitamins and minerals get into a supplement-taking routine, consistency is the key to success with supplements. Even though each person’s needs are different, the following list of daily supplements is beneficial for almost everyone:

  • Complete multivitamin and mineral supplement with whole foods and herbs to make sure all your health bases are covered

  • Vitamin C to help protect cell membranes from toxic wastes

  • Vitamin E and Selenium to protect cells and tissues from damage

  • Calcium to keep your bones and teeth strong

  • Magnesium to calm you and help you de-stress

  • Ginkgo (if you’re over 45) to protect your eyes, ears, and memory

  • Milk thistle (if you regularly consume alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs like aspirin) to benefit the health of your liver

  • Siberian ginseng if you are under stress or are active and want to increase endurance

  • Hawthorn to protect your heart and cardiovascular system

  • Saw Palmetto (if you’re a man and over 50) to protect the health of your prostate gland

  • Phytoestrogens (for women) from red clover, soy, or kudzu root to protect your bones and heart and ensure an easy menopause