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Outside the Cereal Box — Low-Sugar Breakfast Ideas

By Dan DeFigio

When some people sit down for breakfast, they automatically grab a quick, all-carbohydrate food like breakfast cereal or a muffin. Don’t be afraid to think outside the American breakfast food box — even the recommended high-protein breakfast can get stale if you’re stuck on just eggs and sausage.

A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of a small piece of fish (like salmon), some light vegetables, and a tiny portion of rice accompanied by a small bowl of miso soup. The health benefits of fish and vegetables in the morning are huge, and the omega-3 fats in salmon are terrific for your skin, help regulate mood, and are essential for proper hormone formation.

If breakfasting on fish or other leftovers is too much of a stretch for you, consider these options:

  • A cup of organic Greek yogurt with nuts, grapes, or berries: Greek yogurt contains active probiotic cultures and has twice the protein and half the carbs as regular yogurt.

  • Natural peanut or almond butter on a slice of whole-grain bread: Fold it in half and enjoy your easy, no-cook breakfast. A nut butter sandwich goes great with a glass of skim milk or some hot green tea.

  • A low-sugar whey protein shake: It’s fast, inexpensive, and versatile, and it has the protein you may be used to getting from bacon, sausage, and eggs. You can mix a scoop of whey powder in milk or diluted juice or blend a smoothie by mixing a scoop or two of whey with a handful of frozen berries or half a banana.

    Try powdered whey in a splash of cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, almond milk, or rice milk. Adding a teaspoon of flax oil to the shake adds essential fats and helps the smoothie stick with you a little longer. Experiment and see what you like!