How to Deal with the Day-to-Day for Mind-Body Health - dummies

How to Deal with the Day-to-Day for Mind-Body Health

By Therese Iknoian

These hurdles can be the hardest for many people embarking on a Mind-Body practice for health and wellness. But with the right planning, you can get right over them and move ahead.

  • *Finding space: What kind of room do you have in your home or exercise space? If you have a teeny-tiny bedroom and no other space, deciding to buy a Pilates Reformer isn’t your best bet.

  • Wanting privacy: Can you close a door and get away from family, roommates, or kids? Can you guarantee you won’t be bothered? Does your club have a space that feels private and safe? Your program is your quality-time with yourself and you want to be able to focus on it to get the most out of it.

  • What about the kids: Maybe your kids are always full of questions, need your help, or can’t find something right in front of their nose. Or you may have young ones who need a lot of parenting. You may not be able to disappear for 30 minutes, but don’t give up your mind-body workout. Schedule a time when they’re in school or down for a nap.

  • Using a VCR or CD player: Maybe you want to try an instructional video? Or listen to relaxing music while you practice your Mind-Body routine? Do you have these pieces of equipment handy in the room where you want to do your practice? Does the club where you may go have the atmosphere you prefer?

  • Finding storage: Many mind-body methods don’t require a lot of “toys,” but even a mat takes up space. And, you may want to try bolsters, straps, chairs, and other equipment. Make sure you know the dimensions of stuff you have to store, and plan where to put them before you invest in space-consuming paraphernalia.

  • Working out outdoors: Do you have access to a nice outdoor setting? A backyard, a nearby park, or a garden? These can be the best places to practice your mind-body movements: Trees, plants, and greenery can actually help you find and increase your energy. If you like the outdoors, you may also want to find a class offered outdoors, when weather permits.