10 Tips for a Better Work and Home Life - dummies

10 Tips for a Better Work and Home Life

By Gill Garratt

Part of CBT at Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Everyone wants a peaceful, happy work and home life. Some days, however, daily stressors can make that goal hard to achieve. Here are ten tips that can help you find some happy balance.

  • Work out your boundaries — decide if and when you will take work home. Put a time limit on work out of office hours.

  • Plan for your personal life — decide how much time you want to give to your personal relationships and work out your priorities

  • Don’t push your luck when it comes to tolerant partners. Other people have their own limits and boundaries and you may wake up to find they have closed the boundaries.

  • Practise enlightened self-interest — if you don’t look out for you no one else will.

  • Decide if you want to spend most of your time looking down, at emails, social media, constantly searching and researching on the internet, or if you want to build in ‘looking around time’.

  • Lucky people’, are open to experience, take risks and engage personally with high levels of interaction.

  • Rationalise your work patterns. Work more efficiently and try not to be in the habit of constantly working for the sake of it.

  • Remember, you can say no. Use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to give you that breathing space.

  • Being perfect is not essential — it may be preferable to you, but accepting it cannot always be achievable will take the unnecessary pressure off yourself.

  • Very few people die wishing they had stayed longer at work.