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Ways to Build a Buoyant Personality

By S. Renee Smith, Vivian Harte

By brightening your personality, you open the natural flow of desirable qualities that will make you more appreciative of yourself and more appealing to other people.

Here are several ways to enhance your personality:

  • Create happiness within yourself. Have an optimistic and upbeat frame of mind. Be warm and inviting to others. Offer friendliness to people you see.

  • Stretch yourself to reach your goals. Go for the goals in your life that represent a challenge and give you a strong sense of accomplishment and growth.

  • Find purpose in your life. Become more aware of your special gifts to give the world. What do you love to do? What excites you? What do you daydream about doing? Identify your longtime dreams and act upon them.

  • Be enthusiastic about your life and the lives of others. You can generate this energy by being excited about and becoming more involved in life. Give your best efforts to everything you do. Be interested in your own activities and the activities of your family, friends, and coworkers. Participate in new adventures and do things you enjoy.

  • Treat yourself like your own best friend — with kindness and caring. You are spending your entire life with yourself. You’re experiencing the success and failures and feel the rewards and frustrations that happen. You have a lifelong relationship with yourself, so treat yourself very nicely.

  • Support yourself when you embark upon new and difficult tasks or situations. Praise yourself whenever you take a new risk or accomplish something challenging. If you handle a new situation well, congratulate yourself and know that you can be confident and secure by reminding yourself that you can handle anything that comes your way.

  • Do things that make you feel special. Make every day a holiday. Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful or handsome, give yourself the gift of a massage, or call a friend and go see that movie you’ve wanted to see. Feel invigorated and take delight in living.