Visualization Exercise: Feel the Energy of the Rainbow Colors - dummies

Visualization Exercise: Feel the Energy of the Rainbow Colors

By S. Renee Smith, Vivian Harte

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Uncross your hands and feet and close your eyes. Now breathe in deeply and exhale. Breathe in deeply again and exhale. Completely relax.

Feel yourself getting lighter and lighter. Feel yourself being wrapped up in a white, fluffy cloud. It starts at your feet and comes up your body, supporting you under your arms. You are feeling lighter and lighter.

Gently rise up with the cloud and start floating up to the sky. You feel warm and comfortable and totally safe. Keep gently floating up until all you see are big fluffy clouds. As you go through the clouds, you see a rainbow start to form. The rainbow gets brighter. You gently approach the rainbow and enter into the light of the rainbow while you are still being supported by your cloud.

Feel and see the colors as you go into the red light of the rainbow. Let this red light fill you. Feel the energy of the color red. Let it warm you, feel it go through every molecule, every atom of your body. It is warm and healing. This warmth relaxes you and makes you feel more peaceful.

Gently float into the color orange. Feel the color orange go clear through your whole body. Become aware of its vibration. Let it push through any fears or anything that is bothering you. Let the orange color push it all out of you.

Now gently float into the color yellow. Let it soak into your whole body. Your body feels lightened by this color. Feel it light up your whole body inside. Feel the gentle vibration of this beautiful yellow color. Notice that the color yellow helps you see more clearly.

Gently float into the color green. Let it bathe through and around your entire body. Feel its healing vibration as it melts away any aches and pains. Let your body soak up the green light and send it wherever it is needed. Enjoy the feeling of this green light.

Now gently float into the blue light. Feel its calming and healing vibration. Let the blue light soak into every molecule and every atom, calming and soothing your whole body. Feel and embrace the feeling of this blue light. Feel its calmness. Let it push out any anxiety or troubles you may have. Feel calm and smooth.

Now gently float into the violet light. Let the violet light cleanse your whole body and your mind. Let it purify your very essence. Feel any negativity flow out of you. Feel yourself filled with this beautiful violet light. Concentrate on the feeling of the vibration of the violet color.

Feel all the colors of the rainbow come together and fill you with a brilliant white light. Feel yourself being cleansed by the white light and yet still relaxed and calm. You feel this white light as a calm, clear, crisp energy that smoothes the energy around your entire body. The white light purifies your body and your mind. Feel clean and pure.

Now feel yourself gently going back through the rainbow, down through the clouds, gently back into your body. Keep this feeling of calmness and smoothness, feeling totally cleansed and purified. Hold onto this feeling as you gently begin to wake up.

Come back now, easily and gently. Breathe in deeply and exhale. Breathe in deeply again and exhale. Become aware of your hands and feet. And when you are ready, you may open your eyes.