Increase Your Positive Thinking with Neuro-linguistic Programming - dummies

Increase Your Positive Thinking with Neuro-linguistic Programming

By Romilla Ready, Kate Burton

Here are some ways in which neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can enable you to seize the positive aspects of your life and enjoy life so much more:

  • Believe that ‘behind every behaviour is a positive intent’. Taking this NLP pre-supposition on board will change your view on any encounter with a ‘difficult person’.

  • Use all your senses to engage with the delightful things that happen in each and every day. Pay attention to the positives and keep a small notebook by your bed to record them before you go to sleep.

  • Increase your flexibility. Remember that the person who’s more flexible in her behaviour gets the best results. Changing your behaviour means that things will change around you.

  • Step into someone else’s shoes. When you’re struggling to get along with someone who’s different to you, imagine what it’s like to be them.

  • Find role models who convey positivity. What do these people do and how do they think? Notice what you can learn by taking some of their attributes on board.

  • Look after your body as well as your mind. After all, they’re clearly connected.

  • Build rapport with those around you. You don’t have to like people to feel a connection with them. Creating a sense of rapport means you’ll experience more enjoyable encounters with others.

  • Know what’s most important to you in life and honour those values. Adhering to your values can get you through the most difficult of times.

  • Let go of unhelpful negative emotions. Take what can be learnt from unpleasant feelings or experiences and then move on and simply enjoy the present moment.

  • Anchor your most enjoyable experiences. Remember all the good times in full and glorious technicolour!