Yoga Mindfulness Techniques - dummies

By Sherri Baptiste, Megan Scott

Part of Yoga with Weights For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Yoga-with-weights workouts not only strengthen the body but, when accompanied by mediation and breathwork, also opens your awareness to the outside world and your growth potential. To be mindful, which requires remaining in the present and focusing on the here and now, use these techniques:

  • Focus on your breathing and how your body responds to your breath as it moves through your body.

  • Notice tight areas of your body, and relax them.

  • Feel gratitude for your health and well-being.

  • Notice how the air smells and how plants smell after a rain.

  • Listen to the sounds of nature.

  • Notice the beauty all around you.

  • Open your mind and heart to yourself; let go of judgment and limitation.

  • Realize that the prize is in the process.