Whether to Eat before Doing Yoga - dummies

Whether to Eat before Doing Yoga

Whether you’re taking a yoga class or practicing on your own, the guidelines for eating before yoga practice are similar to the advice given for most physical activities.

Follow these simple guidelines:

  • With even the lightest meal, such as fruit or juice, allow at least one hour before class.

  • For larger meals with vegetables and grains, allow two hours before class.

  • For heavy meals with meat, allow three to four hours before class.

Eating right after class is okay; you may notice that this snack or meal turns into a pleasant social event with classmates. (If the socializing aspect sounds like fun, remember that you’re not likely to enjoy the same opportunities with private lessons.)

For diet and health information as it applies to yoga, check out The Yoga of Nutrition by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Fréjus, France: Prosveta, 1982 (available in the United States).