How to Do the Yoga-with-Weights Child’s Pose - dummies

How to Do the Yoga-with-Weights Child’s Pose

By Sherri Baptiste, Megan Scott

The Child’s Pose is a weighted variation of a classic yoga pose. The exercise relaxes your back, head, neck, and shoulders and stretches your spine and quads — the muscles of your upper legs. Your body should feel warmed up after working these areas.

Besides working your muscles, this introspective exercise can help you collect your thoughts and achieve a state of repose. It massages your intestines to help with digestion and elimination, and you can feel energy passing along your spine to your forehead.

You need hand weights for this exercise. When you’re ready, follow these steps:

  1. Starting on your knees and holding the weights at your sides — palms facing backward — touch your feet together, widen your knees, and rest your buttocks on your heels.

  2. Slowly lean forward, resting your mid-section on your thighs and touching your forehead to the floor.

    This is the starting position. Your arms should be extended past your feet with your palms facing upward. Feel your spine stretching and your mid-section resting on your thighs. Don’t shrug your shoulders — spread them wide.

    If you have trouble touching your forehead to the floor, spread your knees wider and lower your forehead as far as you can. If you feel uncomfortable resting your buttocks on your heels, try putting a pillow or rolled-up mat under your buttocks. Put a folded blanket under your knees if you feel uncomfortable there. You can also do this exercise without the weights.

  3. Inhale to a count of four as you raise your arms behind you to back-level.

    Lift your arms slowly toward the ceiling — don’t jerk them, or you may hurt your neck. Draw your belly in and up and your tailbone down for stability.

  4. Exhale to a count of four as you slowly lower the weights to the floor and return to the starting position.

Raise and lower your arms in rhythm with your breathing — four counts in and four counts out. Try to keep your buttocks on or close to your heels throughout this exercise.

Do this exercise six to eight times, pause to rest, and then do another six to eight repetitions.