How to Do the Triangle Pose in Yoga - dummies

How to Do the Triangle Pose in Yoga

Moving from a sitting or lying position to standing, the triangle pose in yoga stretches your spine and abdomen. Follow these instructions to get into the triangle pose.

1Stand with your feet much wider than your shoulders, and place both arms straight out to the side, parallel to the floor, with palms facing down.

Both feet can sit flat on the floor, or you can point your left foot, keeping your heel off the floor.

2Inhale deeply and then exhale and bend to the right.

Keep your knees straight and your hips facing forward. Don’t twist your lower body; simply bend at your waist.

3Slide your right arm down your right leg as you bend.

Hold your leg or ankle after you bend down.

4Hold this position, slowly breathing in and out several times.

If you’re able to, lift your left leg off the floor, anywhere from 3 to 18 inches, keeping your knee straight.