How to Do Kid-Friendly Yoga Postures - dummies

How to Do Kid-Friendly Yoga Postures

When done in sequence, this set of Yoga kid-friendly postures forms a well-balanced routine. In addition to providing you with instructions to give your child as he gets into the posture, there are suggested sounds he can make while in the pose. The sounds serve a dual purpose: They inspire your child’s imagination while he’s holding the pose and also guide him to breathe rather than hold his breath.

The mountain posture

Give your child the following instructions:

  1. Stand tall like a mountain.

  2. Breathe through your nose and imagine you’re in a very, very quiet place.


Warrior I

The following instructions can lead your little yogi to warrior I success:

  1. Start in the mountain posture and take a big step forward with one leg.

  2. Bend your front knee and raise your arms overhead by your ears.

  3. Feel how powerful and strong you are in this posture; next time, as you bend your knee and raise your arms, say “Yes! I Can!”

  4. Keeping your knee bent and your arms raised, stay in this position and really feel like a warrior.

  5. Try the same movements on the other side.