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How to Alleviate Hip Pain with a Yoga-with-Weights Stretch

By Sherri Baptiste, Megan Scott

Yoga-with-weights can help you manage hip pain. Any number of injuries can cause hip pain: a pulled groin from an overextension of your legs, tightness in your back, and arthritis, to name a few. Even mild athletic activities can cause hip pain if you forget to stretch before diving in. In the course of a normal day, you don’t stretch your hips.

When you bend over to pick up some trash, for example, you stretch your hamstrings, but no day-to-day activity stretches your hips. You have to make the extra effort.

Many people experience discomfort when they first start stretching their hips in yoga-with-weights exercises — especially men, who often have tight and rigid hips. As you do hip-stretching exercises, listen carefully to your body, and stretch enough to relieve muscle tension but not so much that you strain your hips.

The following stretching exercise is designed to loosen the muscles of your hips. It isn’t easy, but if you stick with it, your hips will start to defrost in no time.

Strap on your ankle weights and follow these steps:

  1. Lie on your back with your right leg bent, your left hand grasping your right knee, and your right hand to your side in the T position.

    This is the starting position. Your left leg should remain straight as you lie down.

  2. Exhaling to a count of four, roll your right leg over your left leg.

    Continue to hold your knee with your left hand, and gently press your knee down. Move slowly, and feel your hip muscles stretching and filling with lightness and space as you move your leg.

  3. Inhaling to a count of four, return to the starting position (see Step 1).

    Instead of returning to the starting position right away, you can try holding your leg in the rollover position for three or four full breaths (inhaling and exhaling to counts of four). You’ll find by the third breath that you’re really giving your hip a workout.

Do this exercise six to eight times with each leg, pause to rest, and then do six to eight more repetitions with each leg.