Using Your Hips to Move Your Kettlebell - dummies

Using Your Hips to Move Your Kettlebell

By Sarah Lurie

Part of Kettlebells For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your hips do a lot of work when it comes to moving your kettlebell. To help engage them properly during a kettlebell workout, put on clothing that allows you to sit all the way back into your hips (baggy clothing can impede you from moving well), and do the following:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart (or slightly wider), your arms down at your sides, and your eyes focused on a point on the floor about six feet in front of you; have your kettlebell on the ground between your feet back by your heels.

  2. Stomp both your feet into the floor to plant (or root) them solidly into the ground.

  3. Letting your hips lead the movement, sit back and let your knees follow; keep your weight in your heels as you reach back and down to put your hand(s) on the kettlebell.

    As you sit back with your hips, pretend you’re reaching back toward a box, chair, or wall. Remember that you must let your hips lead to achieve neutral spine.

  4. Generate force from the ground up by driving through your heels, pulling up your kneecaps, tightening your abs and glutes, and forcefully snapping your hips to move the kettlebell.

    Remember the kettlebell hip snap is not a pelvic tilt!