Positioning Your Back Properly for a Kettlebell Workout - dummies

Positioning Your Back Properly for a Kettlebell Workout

By Sarah Lurie

Part of Kettlebells For Dummies Cheat Sheet

For all kettlebell exercises, you need to make sure your back is positioned correctly so that your hips, not your back, absorb the force of the kettlebell. The term neutral spine describes the position in which your back should be for all your kettlebell routines — and it’s easy to achieve.

Try this simple exercise to achieve neutral spine:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms down at your sides; focus your eye gaze on a point about six feet in front of you on the floor to keep your neck and head position neutral.

  2. Reach your hips back as if you’re reaching back for a chair, and let your arms follow your hips back.

    If you’re in the right position, you look like you’re getting ready to take a vertical leap in the air.

  3. Look in the mirror; if you achieved neutral spine, you have a nice, natural S curve in your spine (in other words, your back isn’t rounded).