How to Do the Pilates First Position - dummies

How to Do the Pilates First Position

By Ellie Herman

The Pilates First Position — a basic movement in Pilates — is similar to a ballet dancer in first position who has her legs together and turned out from the hip, her knees facing away from each other, and her feet making a V shape.

In the Pilates First Position, you turn out your hips and make a small V shape, with your heels squeezing together. You never want to force the turn-out. Simply get in a comfortable position, with your knees facing away from each other and your inner thighs squeezing together.

You use this Pilates First Position in many exercises instead of keeping your legs parallel. Turning out from the hips engages the inner thigh muscles and the low butt, which is used often in Pilates.

The Pilates First Position.
The Pilates First Position.