How to Do Pilates Side Kicks - dummies

How to Do Pilates Side Kicks

By Ellie Herman

Pilates Side Kicks is a side-lying stability exercise. Side kicks focuses on control from the belly and strengthens your thighs and your butt. This exercise is not about how far you can kick your leg; it’s about how stable your body can be while you move your legs freely.

1Lie on your side with your legs slightly in front of your body and slightly turned out in the Pilates First Position.

Let your head rest on your bottom hand, propped up on a bent elbow on the floor, while your top arm is bent with the palm down on the mat in front of you for stability.

2Inhale: Flex your foot as you kick your top leg straight out in front of you.

Pulse your leg once to challenge your stability.

3Exhale: Kick your leg behind you, pointing the foot, and keeping it the same height as your hip.

Pulse the leg once to challenge your stability.

4Squeeze your butt and pull your navel in for stability.

Complete 10 repetitions on each side.