Intermediate Push for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm Push-Up - dummies

Intermediate Push for Paleo Fitness: The One-Arm Push-Up

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

The one-arm push-up develops strength in ways few exercises can. This movement requires total body control, intense focus, and raw strength. The one-arm push-up is much more than a party trick. This exercise has tremendous carry-over into all sports and activities.

1Set up at the top of your push-up position.

Be sure to set up with your hand as close to in line with your sternum (lower chest) as possible to ensure the shoulder is kept in good position throughout the push-up.

2Split your stance.

Kick your opposite leg out like a kickstand to assist with balance. The farther you kick out your opposite leg, the more assistance it will lend to the movement.

3Lift the non-working arm off the ground.

You may want to place it on your hip for balance.

4Begin to descend into your one-arm push-up, keeping your elbow in close to your side.

The most difficult part of the one-arm push-up is keeping everything as square as possible. Don’t let your shoulders or hips rotate throughout the movement.

5When you hit rock bottom, drive back up, following the same path you took on the descent.

Your hip may deviate outward a little bit when performing the one-arm ­push-up; just be sure to keep it to a little bit.