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Beginner Carry for Paleo Fitness: The Farmer’s Carry

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

The farmer’s carry is a classic strongman type of exercise. It’s evident where the name comes from; what’s not evident, however, is just how comprehensive this seemingly modest exercise is.

The farmer’s carry is one of the finest exercises for strengthening the grip and forearms. The farmer’s carry also reinforces good posture and core stability.

The farmer’s carry is most easily performed with a set of dumbbells or kettlebells, but really, you can perform it with just about anything you can hold on to — try a pail of water or a few buckets of sand if you really want to pay homage to the movement.

Here’s how to do the farmer’s carry:

1Dead lift one or two weights off the ground so they hang down by your sides.

To set up for this exercise, set the weights up for the dead lift so they’re outside of your feet. This way, when you lift them up, they’re right where you need them.

2Stand as tall as you can (imagine that you're trying to balance a set of books on your head), keep your shoulders "on the shelf" (that is, keep them back and don't let them hunch forward), and your core engaged.

The only way you can do this exercise wrong is to execute it with poor posture. Don’t slouch or lean backward; stand as upright as possible. Think “long, tall spine” while you’re holding the weight.

3Start walking, keeping your steps relatively small.

When you feel like you can’t hold on with good form any more, set the weights back down just how you picked them up.