Advanced Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Windshield Wiper - dummies

Advanced Ab Exercise for Paleo Fitness: The Windshield Wiper

By Kellyann Petrucci, Patrick Flynn

The windshield wiper is a pseudo hanging leg raise, adding in a fierce rotational component. The benefits of the windshield wiper are vast, especially for those seeking rotation power and a ripped up midsection. (Note: You must achieve the hanging leg raise before you can do the windshield wiper.)

You’ll feel this movement across your entire abdominal wall; you’ll specifically feel its effects around the finger-like muscles of the rib cage (the serratus anterior).

Follow these steps for the windshield wiper:

1Perform a full hanging leg raise.

Be sure to bring your feet all the way up to the bar.

2Lean back so your torso is horiztonal to the ground and your legs are pointed straight up.

Ideally, your legs and your torso should be at a 90-degree angle at the start of the windshield wiper. Do your best to keep your elbows locked throughout this movement.

3Slowly lower your legs to one side while keeping your torso facing upward.

Take the movement slow at first! If you throw your legs around too quickly, before you’re conditioned for the movement, you may injure your shoulders or back.

4Raise your legs back up to the starting position and then lower them to the other side.

Bring them back up to the starting position once more to complete the movement.