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8 Helpful Websites for Recovering Binge Eaters

By Jennie Kramer, Marjorie Nolan Cohn

Finding information about and support for overcoming binge eating disorder (BED) is as close as the Internet. Many helpful and worthy websites offer resources for those dealing with disordered eating.

Binge Eating Disorder Association

The Binge Eating Disorder Association offers information for people who suffer from binge eating disorder and for the professionals who treat them. The BEDA website includes general facts about binge eating as well as other types of disordered eating, but many of the organization’s resources are reserved for members, including a search tool for treatment providers, bulletin boards, and other online tools. If you’re a student, it costs $20 to join BEDA. Otherwise, it’s $50 for individuals and $125 for treatment professionals.


The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) provides information about the entire spectrum of eating disorders. Its website is full of free referral information including treatment professionals, support groups, and research studies. NEDA’s website also offers opportunities for parents, friends, and family of people suffering from any type of eating disorder to connect with each other and with the organization. From online toolkits to a helpline, the NEDA website has something for everyone.

Something Fishy

Something Fishy’s website includes a wealth of online resources about all eating disorders. In addition to practical information including a treatment finder, chat support, bulletin boards, instant messaging support, and a whole section for family and friends of people with eating disorders, Something Fishy differentiates itself from other sites by its gentle approach that takes into account the complex emotional life of binge eaters. Many of the sections are member driven.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)

The website of the world’s largest association of food and nutrition professionals, the AND website has information and resources for practitioners and for the public. You can sign up for a nutrition tip of the day, calculate your body mass index (BMI), and learn all about nutrition in one spot. Professionals have opportunities to explore professional development, public policy, and research among many other topics. The website also offers information for people considering becoming dietitians or nutrition professionals.


WebMD is a general medical website offering information about every medical and psychological diagnosis under the sun. If you’re a binge eater or suffer from any sort of disordered eating, you can find out more about your eating-related diagnosis as well as any other conditions that may contribute to it or been caused by it. Overall, WebMD is a good starting point if you need to know more about your own health or your family’s health.

Health at Every Size

A website for anyone who suffers from eating disorders, Health at Every Size has created Body Positive, a place where people can go to discover how to develop a positive self-image no matter what their weight. Body Positive offers a realistic and often funny look at what it’s like to recover from binge eating or any eating disorder, and its tone is encouraging, upbeat, and smart.

Academy for Eating Disorders

This professional organization is devoted to improving the treatment of people with eating disorders through professional education, ongoing support of research, and other initiatives. The Academy for Eating Disorders website includes details and statistics on the most current information about eating disorders for the public, the press, and professionals. It also serves provides reading lists and many links to other relevant resources.

Overeaters Anonymous

The Overeaters Anonymous (OA) website is the gateway to a whole online community struggling with the same issues you may be. In addition to in-person and telephone meetings that can help you as you begin to recover from binge eating, compulsive overeating, emotional eating, or another form of overeating, the OA website offers a wealth of resources and a way to connect with binge eaters across the country and around the world.