Treating Yourself Well during Chemo and Radiation - dummies

Treating Yourself Well during Chemo and Radiation

By Alan P. Lyss, Humberto Fagundes, Patricia Corrigan

Part of Chemotherapy and Radiation For Dummies Cheat Sheet

While you’re going through chemotherapy and radiation, take some time to pamper yourself. Even if you experience just a few cancer treatment side effects, you may not have your usual level of energy. So that you have time for family and friends, use these tips to help you save energy:

  • Lower your expectations for yourself.

  • Delegate responsibilities at home.

  • Talk with your boss about a temporary reduction in work schedule or production level.

  • Balance your schedule, alternating busy days with quiet days.

  • Pace yourself — refrain from pushing past what’s physically possible.

  • Eat nutritious meals rich in protein.

  • Content yourself with periods of mild exercise, leaving the marathon workouts for after treatments end.

  • Sleep when you need to.

  • Sleep when you want to, as well.

  • Practice patience — treatments do eventually come to an end.