8 Ways to Prevent Falls When You Have Osteoporosis - dummies

8 Ways to Prevent Falls When You Have Osteoporosis

By Carolyn Riester O'Connor, Sharon Perkins

Part of Osteoporosis For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Fractures and broken bones are likely if you have osteoporosis and happen to fall. Avoid a trip to the doctor: Prevent falls by following these eight safety measures:

  • Alcohol: Keep your alcoholic beverage intake to a minimum to prevent losing your balance.

  • Bathrooms: Install and use grab bars and nonslip tub mats or nonslip tape in your tub or shower.

  • Floors: Reduce clutter and secure all loose wires, cords, and throw rugs. Make sure all your rugs and carpeting are anchored and have no wrinkles or bumps.

  • Kitchen: Always clean spills immediately, especially from the floor; and install non-skid mats near the sink, stove, and refrigerator.

  • Lighting: Make sure all your halls, stairways, and entrances are well lit. If you get up in the middle of the night, turn on your lights so you can easily see where you’re going. Install a night light in your bathroom.

  • Medications: Ask your doctor if any of your medications might cause dizziness that could lead to a fall.

  • Shoes: Always wear sturdy, rubber-soled shoes to reduce slippage. Wear non-skid socks or slippers.

  • Stairs: At home, make sure all of the treads, rails, and rugs on the stirs are secure. Be sure to use the handrails.

Statistics show that if you’ve had one osteoporotic fracture, your chances for another one increase. After you know your bones are more prone to fracture, you need to be extra vigilant about taking care of yourself.