Picking a Fight with Semi-Open Chess Games - dummies

Picking a Fight with Semi-Open Chess Games

By James Eade

Part of Chess Openings For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Semi-open chess games are those in which White plays 1.e4, but Black doesn’t respond with 1.…e5. These chess openings typically result in asymmetrical games where finding the right plan may be difficult. Players who like complications, and mixing it up, often adopt a semi-open defense.

Opening Name Opening Moves
Alekhine’s Defense 1.e4 Nf6
Caro-Kann Defense 1.e4 c6
French Defense 1.e4 e6
Modern Defense 1.e4 g6
Nimzowitsch Defense 1.e4 Nc6
Owen Defense 1.e4 b6
Pirc Defense 1.e4 d6
Sicilian Defense 1.e4 c5