How to Rebid Your Long Suit in Bridge - dummies

How to Rebid Your Long Suit in Bridge

When playing bridge, sometimes you (the responder) have a long, strong suit. Strong six-card suits, especially major suits, were made to be bid and rebid. But don’t forget that you also have to tell your partner your strength. Any hand that has a six-card suit has extra trick-taking potential, particularly if a fit is uncovered.

So what’s the best rebid when you have a long suit typically headed by a couple of honors? Long suits in the responding hand are grouped according to this scale:

  • A minimum-range hand (6 to 9 HCP): Rebid your six-card suit at the cheapest level possible.

  • An intermediate-range hand of 10 to 11 HCP: Jump to the three level in your suit, an invitational rebid.

  • With a game-going range hand of 12 to 16 HCP: Get thee to game by jumping to game in your long suit.

Note: With 17 or more HCP, the responder jump shifts immediately.

The cards in this illustration give you a chance to decide whether your long suit is long enough to rebid, and how high to rebid if it is strong enough:


For each of the hands in this illustration, you and your partner have the dialog in this table:

Opener (Your Partner) Responder (You)
1♥ 1♠
2♦ ?

On the first hand in this figure, rebid 2♠ to show your minimum-range hand. Your partner passes. No game in sight. On the second hand, jump to 4♠ to show a game-going range hand. And on the third hand, jump to 3♠ to invite your partner to bid game. Your partner, with 14 HCP, accepts and bids 4♠, thank you very much.