Quick Low-Carb Meal Ideas - dummies

By Jan McCracken

The secret of becoming a great low-carb cook is planning. Plan your low-carb meals in advance. Planning your low-carb meals makes managing carbs easier and, in the end, saves you a lot of time. When planning your meals, consider how long your dishes will take to cook:

  • Fresh fish cooks very quickly, and it’s full of nutrients and easy on the carb counts.

  • Invest in a slow cooker if you don’t already have one — start it in the morning, and your dinner will be waiting for you when you get home.

  • Throw whatever’s in the fridge into a low-carb tortilla, and you’ve got dinner. Or, scramble some eggs in the microwave, fold them in a low-carb tortilla, and you’ve got breakfast on the run.

    Wraps are quick and easy, and offer so much versatility.

  • Get greens that are already combined, washed, and ready to go in a package in your supermarket’s produce department. Embellishments can make a salad a meal that’s quick, easy, and low in carbs.

You can experiment with new recipes when you have time, and you may even find a new favorite that cooks quickly.