German Apple-Pear Puff Pancakes - dummies

German Apple-Pear Puff Pancakes

By Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner

This recipe for Apple-Pear Puff Pancakes will certainly impress your guests — and their palates. These light and airy pancakes are a cross between an omelet and a soufflé, so feel free to serve them for breakfast or dessert.

German Apple-Pear Puff Pancakes

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 18–20 minutes

Yield: 8 servings

Nonstick cooking spray

1 medium apple, cored and thinly sliced

1 medium ripe pear, cored and thinly sliced

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 cup whole-wheat flour

1 cup lowfat milk

6 eggs or 2 whole eggs and 6 egg whites

1/4 cup melted margarine

Maple syrup or light pancake syrup (optional)

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F. Spritz two 12-cup, nonstick muffin tins with cooking spray.

  2. Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray and cook the apple and pear slices until softened, about 4 to 6 minutes. Stir in the brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg and continue to heat until flavors blend, about 2 more minutes. Remove from heat.

  3. Blend together the flours, milk, eggs, and margarine with an electric blender until smooth.

  4. Pour the mixture from Step 3 into the muffin tins, filling about 3/4 of each muffin cup. Bake 15 minutes or until puffy and golden.

  5. Remove the pancakes from the muffin tins while they’re still hot. Top with the warm apple-pear mixture. Drizzle with maple syrup or light pancake syrup, if desired, and serve immediately.

Per serving: Calories 201 (From Fat 90); Fat 10g (Saturated 3g); Cholesterol 160mg; Sodium 271mg; Carbohydrate 21g (Dietary Fiber 2g); Protein 8g; Potassium 177mg.

This recipe works best with regular margarine or butter, not light margarine, which has a higher moisture content.

For a dramatic rise (puff), substitute bread flour for the all-purpose and whole-wheat flour. The more traditional large German pancake is made in a cast-iron skillet.

Vary It! Substitute fresh or unsweetened frozen peaches for the apples and pears.