Finding Reflux-Friendly Foods on a Chinese Menu - dummies

Finding Reflux-Friendly Foods on a Chinese Menu

By Patricia Raymond, Michelle Beaver

When it comes to Chinese food, the big challenge if you have acid reflux is that a lot of Chinese meals are fried, include meat, and are greasy and spicy. That’s not a big problem, though, because most chefs at Chinese restaurants can easily adapt your order.

Most Chinese dishes are made one at a time and can be customized. Exceptions include soups and sauces, which are usually premade. Avoid or have very small amounts of greasy and/or spicy soups and sauces. Otherwise, ask your server for adjustments to your meal.

Most vegetarian meals will be fine for your acid reflux. Just ask the server to make it mild instead of medium or high spice. If the meal shows up very greasy, eat a small quantity of it. Excess grease promotes acid reflux.

A lot of Chinese food has garlic and onion. Garlic and onion are much worse for acid reflux if they’re raw, and that’s rare in Chinese food. Still, the garlic and onion in Chinese food is often very lightly cooked and could activate your heartburn. Avoid dishes that make garlic and onion the star of the dish. For instance, garlic eggplant probably isn’t a good choice.

Thai food is similar to Chinese, but it’s slightly easier because Thai food is usually less greasy than Chinese food. As with Chinese food, ask for it mild instead of medium or hot.