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How to Make Green Smoothies Appeal to the Whole Family

By Jennifer Thompson

In any given household, you can find at least two, three, or even more family members trying to achieve different health goals, such as improving fertility, eating nutritious breakfasts to start the day right, and making diet changes because of medical conditions. How is catering to so many different goals and health needs possible under one roof and with just one kitchen? With a little bit of know-how, a blender, and some fresh ingredients, you can succeed in making green smoothie recipes to address all your health goals and take care of your entire family, at every age.

The best place to start with your family’s wellness plan is with you. What are your specific health goals? As a parent, you can teach your children healthy habits by example. Children can support their parents as they age by sharing recipes and helping them prepare foods to support their bodies back to health naturally.

And when you have the healthy green smoothie glow, the rest of your family is going to notice. Your loved ones may not even need convincing to drink their daily greens, but if they do, here are some tips:

  • To get your spouse or significant other to drink green smoothies:

    • Explain that the zinc in leafy greens and the omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed and hemp seeds help increase sex drive.

    • Make a yummy post-workout smoothie that your spouse can take to the gym and enjoy on the way home.

    • Support your spouse in losing that last five pounds by doing a three-day green smoothie detox together.

  • To get your kids to drink green smoothies:

    • Tell them that their green drink is their energy juice and brain boost for the day; it gives them power like a superhero!

    • Make more sweet-tasting smoothies by using more sweet fruits and less bitter greens; add raw honey or carob powder as a natural sweetener.

    • Drink your green smoothies together as a family so your children learn to keep a good daily habit from an early age.

In the same way that you shower and brush their teeth to clean the outside of your body, your green smoothie is a daily cleanse for the inside of your body to keep your healthy and strong for life! One of the healthiest ways you can make a difference for the whole family is simply by adding a daily nutritional smoothie to the meal plan. It’s all about balance, and small changes can make a huge impact on your family’s health.