How to Sauté - dummies

How to Sauté

The common technique of sautéing, also called pan-frying, is nothing more than cooking food in a hot pan. You sauté with a little fat to prevent sticking. Sautéing imparts a crispy texture to foods and brings out all sorts of flavors from herbs and spices. A sauté pan has sloped sides so you can flip foods easily.

1Turn your burner to a high setting and place a sauté pan on the burner.

You can also use a medium-high setting, depending on how quickly you want to crisp the outside of your meat.

2While the pan becomes hot, place a little oil in it.

The oil prevents the food from sticking to the pan.

3Place your food in the heated pan.

Don’t leave food in the pan too long.

4Flip the food quickly to prevent it from burning.

Constant motion also evenly cooks the food. You can shake the sauté pan back and forth over the heat to toss the food without using utensils.

Practice the sauté flipping technique in a cold, empty skillet by using small candies.