How to Make S’mores for Halloween Fun - dummies

How to Make S’mores for Halloween Fun

Everybody loves the gooey sweetness of melted marshmallows and chocolate. Since you already have your campfire glowing so you can trade spooky ghost stories at your Halloween party, you might as well grab some sticks and make some s’mores. Kids love them!

Campfire S’mores

Equipment needed: Long sticks or straightened wire close hangers

Graham crackers

2 plain milk chocolate bars


  1. Break graham cracker along the scored line so you have two squares.

  2. Break chocolate bar into squares and lay on top of the graham cracker.

  3. Thread marshmallow on the end of the stick and hold it over the campfire to roast it.

    Some people like to let their marshmallow catch on fire and blow it out so it is black and crispy. Others strive for an even golden brown.

    If your chocolate is hard you can lay the graham cracker topped with chocolate on top of a rock near the fire to soften it.

    Kids love to make s’mores, but make sure their sticks are long enough that they can roast their marshmallows without getting too close to the fire.

  4. With the marshmallow still on the stick lay it on top of the chocolate topped graham cracker and top with the remaining half graham cracker. Then slide the stick out.

  5. Munch and enjoy your chocolate marshmallow sandwich.