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What Bartenders Should Know about Flavored and Spiced Rums and Cachaça

By Ray Foley

Rums are now available in several different flavors for bartenders; new flavors of rums come out every day. Check with your local liquor retailer or liquor wholesaler to see what’s new. Here are some popular options:

  • Bacardi flavors include Bacardi Ciclon (90 percent Bacardi Gold rum and 10 percent blue agave tequila and a hint of lime), Bacardi Limón (a lemon-citrus-flavored rum), Bacardi Tropico (Bacardi Gold rum mixed with exotic fruit juices), Bacardi O (Bacardi rum infused with the essence of ripe oranges), Bacardi Razz and Black Razz (raspberry), Bacardi Vanila, Bacardi Coconut and Rock Coconut (coconut), Bacardi Dragonberry, and Bacardi Grand Melón (watermelon).

  • Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay offers coconut-, mango-, pineapple-, passion fruit–, strawberry-, and orange-flavored rums.

  • Cocoribe is a coconut-flavored rum.

  • Cruzan Rums have the following flavors: coconut, orange, pineapple, banana, vanilla, raspberry, mango, citrus, strawberry, black cherry, guava, Key lime, and passion fruit.

  • Malibu is a coconut-flavored rum that also comes in Red, Island Spiced, and Black.

  • Tattoo is a dark flavored rum from Captain Morgan.

  • Whaler’s offers coconut and vanilla rums.

Spiced rums are different from flavored rums. Flavored rums obtain their flavors through additives, while spiced rums are more similar to gin and made with the addition of things such as botanicals.

Cachaça (pronounced kah-shah-sah) is a Brazilian sugar cane-based liquor. Brazil consumes close to 360 million gallons of cachaça per year. It’s the third most-consumed spirit in the world.

Don’t confuse Cachaça with rum, which is made from the molasses left over after sugar refinement. Cachaça imported to the United States is taxed as rum and thus is often called Brazilian Rum.

Dark cachaça must be aged for at least one year in barrels no larger than 700 liters. The barrels are made of cedar, jequitiba, and American and European oak. This barrel-aging gives the liquor a smoother taste. White cachaça doesn’t have to be aged in barrels and is often bottled soon after distilling.

Here are some popular cachaça brands:

  • Boca Loca

  • Cabana Cachaça

  • Leblon

  • Sagatiba Cachaça

  • Samba

The most common cocktail made with cachaça is the Caipirinha.