Getting Your Protein from Seeds and Nuts - dummies

Getting Your Protein from Seeds and Nuts

By Marni Wasserman, Amelia Jeanroy

Many fermenting recipes involve seeds and nuts. But most people don’t realize that they’re a healthy source of protein. That’s right: Protein doesn’t have to come from meat. Nut and seeds are a great protein-packed meat alternative. And in addition to protein, they provide healthy fats, which provide your body with the good cholesterol you need.

So how can you get more nuts and seeds in your diet? For a little variety, you can soak your nuts and seeds to increase their digestibility and boost your nutrient intake. Nuts and seeds are great as a snack on the go. Or you can sprinkle them on your favorite cereal, add them to yogurt, or top a dessert that may otherwise lack healthy ingredients. Go nuts!