Oceans For Dummies

Author: Ashlan Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau, Joseph Kraynak

Print, 448 pages, February 2021

ISBN: 978-1-119-65443-8


Dive deep to explore the ocean

From how most of our oxygen is created by phytoplankton, to how currents control our climate, to the marine food chain and the importance of coral, this is the holy grail of ocean books that’s easy for everyone to digest. 

It features fun facts about some of the most incredible, bizarre, and fascinating creatures in the ocean, from mantis shrimp that can strike things with the speed of a .22 caliber bullet to fish with clear heads that can see out of the top of their skulls. The ocean is full of wonders and there is still so much left to explore and understand.

  • How our oceans work
  • What creatures live in the ocean
  • Find out how the ocean regulates our climate and weather patterns
  • How growing pollution threatens our ocean and its inhabitants

Oceans For Dummies is perfect for anyone with an interest in the ocean, including kids, adults, students, ocean lovers, surfers, fishermen, conservationists, sailors, and everyone in between.

Author Information

Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau are world-renowned environmental advocates, filmmakers, and authors with a passion for adventure. Philippe is the founder of EarthEcho International, a leading global voice for ocean conservation. Ashlan is a journalist and storyteller who has explored all seven continents.