Polite Ways for Introverts to Leave a Party Early - dummies

Polite Ways for Introverts to Leave a Party Early

By Joan Pastor

Part of Success as an Introvert For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re an introvert, you probably hate spending hours and hours making small talk at a party. So don’t do it! When you attend a social event, it’s perfectly fine to stay for an hour or two and then make your exit. (And don’t worry about the extroverts. They’ll carry on just fine without you. In fact, most of them won’t notice that you’re gone.)

The trick to sneaking out of a party early is to make your escape politely so your hosts aren’t offended. And luckily, it isn’t all that hard to do. Here are some of the best tricks for leaving a social event quickly, politely, and gracefully:

  • Look like you’re really having a great time — not like you’re relieved to escape. Say, “I’m so sorry I have to leave early. This is such a wonderful party!”

  • Have an iron-clad excuse. For example, say, “I wish I could stay, but the babysitter could only stay until nine tonight.”

  • Arrange ahead of time for a family member to call you some time during the party with a pseudo-emergency. (Sometimes white lies are okay.)

  • Tell your hosts when you accept an invitation that you’ll need to leave early due to a prior commitment. That way, they won’t be surprised when you slip out ahead of schedule.

  • Thank your hosts before you leave. Don’t just sneak away while they’re occupied with other guests.