Your Best Sources of Legal Help and Advice in the UK - dummies

Your Best Sources of Legal Help and Advice in the UK

Part of UK Law and Your Rights For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As a United Kingdom citizen, you have several sources of assistance when you need legal advice or help with matters of the law or your rights. Here are some resources to keep in mind:

The Citizens Advice Bureau is a free, independent, impartial service of information, advice, and support. Look in your phone book for the details of the nearest bureau to you or find them online.

You may have a Law Centre in your area. Look in the phone book or contact The Law Centres Federation (0207-387-8570) for details. The Scottish Association of Law Centres is on 0141-440-2503. Law Centres Northern Ireland is on 02890-244-401.

Mediation is a good way to try to resolve most disputes. Ask your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau if a service is in your area or try Mediation UK – 0117-904-6661.

Victim Support is an organisation that offers support and advice and can help you through the emotional and practical aspects of crime. Call 0845- 303-0900 for details of your local branch.

The Law Society can give you lists of solicitors. Call 0870-606-6565 in England and Wales, 0845-113-0018 in Scotland and 02890-231-614 in Northern Ireland. If you want to complain about a solicitor or the bill talk to the Law Society on 0845-608-6565 or have a look at the Law Society website.

The Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service, or ACAS, can give advice on your rights at work. Contact ACAS through the website or through Equality Direct at ACAS 08456-003-444.

Trading Standards can help on all aspects of consumer law. The new phone and Internet-based consumer advice service Consumer Direct is operating in most parts of the UK – call 08454-040-506.

NHS Direct can help you find a GP and advise you if you feel unwell and aren’t sure whether you need to see a doctor. Call on 0845-4647.

If you need help on money, you should talk to independent financial advisers. You can reach The Association of Independent Financial Advisers at 020-7 628-1287.

Just about any query you may have about UK law is likely to be covered on the Government’s own website. It’s a very useful source of information.