Who Signed the U.S. Constitution? - dummies

Who Signed the U.S. Constitution?

By Michael Arnheim

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The 38 signers of the U.S. Constitution were delegates from the original states who gathered several times and in several places, first drafting the Declaration of Independence, and then, after the colonists defeated the British army and won independence, writing the U.S. Constitution. The signers of the two documents have some overlap — Benjamin Franklin signed both, but John Hancock wrote large only on the Declaration of Independence. The delegates are here grouped by the states they represented:

  • Connecticut: William Samuel Johnson, Roger Sherman

  • Delaware: George Read, Gunning Bedford Jr., John Dickinson, Richard Bassett, Jacob Broom

  • Georgia: William Few, Abraham Baldwin

  • Maryland: James McHenry, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Daniel Carroll

  • Massachusetts: Nathaniel Gorham, Rufus King

  • New Hampshire: John Langdon, Nicholas Gilman

  • New Jersey: William Livingston, David Brearley, William Paterson, Jonathan Dayton

  • New York: Alexander Hamilton

  • North Carolina: William Blount, Richard Dobbs Spaight, Hugh Williamson

  • Pennsylvania: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Mifflin, Robert Morris, George Clymer, Thomas FitzSimons, Jared Ingersoll, James Wilson, Gouverneur Morris

  • South Carolina: John Rutledge, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Pierce Butler

  • Virginia: George Washington (President and deputy), John Blair, James Madison Jr.