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Useful Acronyms for Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks

By Henri J. A. Charmasson, John Buchaca

Part of Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The world of patents, copyrights, and trademarks has its share of acronyms, just like any other field. Although when you see IP, you may think “Internet protocol,” in the intellectual property realm, IP stands for, well, intellectual property. The following table lists some of the more commonly used acronyms in the IP world:

ARIPO Western Africa Patent Office
EAPO Eurasian Patent Office
EFS Electronic Patent Filing System
EPO European Patent Office
EU European Union
IP Intellectual property
MPEP Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
OA Office action (by a patent or trademark examiner)
OAIP Southeastern African Patent Office
OHIM Office for Harmonization in the International Market (European
Trademark Office)
OWA Original work of authorship (protected by copyright)
PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty
PVPA Plant Variety Protection Act
PVPO Plant Variety Protection Office
TMEP Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure
UPOV Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants
USC United States Codes
USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office
TEAS Trademark Electronic Application System
WIPO World Industrial Property Organization
WMFH Work made for hire