Understanding Australian Political Campaigns - dummies

Understanding Australian Political Campaigns

By Nick Economou, Zareh Ghazarian

Part of Australian Politics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The campaign period is showtime for political parties and politicians. It provides them with the opportunity to propose the policies and changes they hope to implement if they’re elected. Some of the important aspects of the campaign period include:

  • Advertising: Political parties employ media experts to design campaign advertisements to be broadcast throughout the media. See how important they can be in influencing people’s voting intentions.

  • Meeting and greeting: You see them in shopping centres and railway stations, and at local sausage sizzles, and some will even knock on your door. Check out some of the ways politicians try to win your vote.

  • Targeting seats: Examine why some seats are classified as safe, marginal or swinging, and understand how outcomes in these seats shape which party wins or loses the election.