Important Acronyms in the Middle East - dummies

Important Acronyms in the Middle East

By Craig S. Davis

Part of The Middle East For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to understand political and social issues in the Middle East, you need to be familiar with the acronyms commonly used in those discussions. The following list gives you the well-known Middle Eastern acronyms and what they stand for:

  • FLN: National Liberation Front (Algeria)

  • IDF: Israeli Defense Forces

  • ISI: Inter-Service Intelligence (Pakistan)

  • LOC: Line of Control (Kashmir)

  • PA: Palestinian Authority

  • PKK: Kurdistan Workers Party (Turkey)

  • PLO: The Palestine Liberation Organization

  • SLA: Southern Lebanese Army

  • UN: United Nations

  • UNSCOM: The United Nations Special Commission on Disarmament