How to Contact Your U.S. Senator

By David Silverberg, Dennis Hastert, Tom Daschel

Part of Congress For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you need to contact your Senator or a Senate staffer, use the following information, which provides a variety of options, including phone, e-mail, address, and location of Senate offices:

  • The Senate Web site:

  • Senate e-mail addresses consist of the person’s first name and last name, separated by a dot, followed by @[last name of senator]

Congressional database

Capitol switchboard (House and Senate)

  • 202-224-3121

Mailing address

  • Sen. __________

  • United States Senate

  • Washington, DC 20515

Senate offices have conventional room numbers; the first digit of the room number is the floor number.

  • The Capitol (S)

  • Russell (SR) 1st St. and Constitution Ave. NE (East Corner)

  • Dirksen (SD) 1st St. and Constitution Ave. NE (West corner)

  • Hart (SH) 2nd and C Streets NE