House of Representatives Contact Information

By David Silverberg, Dennis Hastert, Tom Daschel

Part of Congress For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can gather information about your representative from his or her Web site, but if you need to contact another member or staffer of the House of Representatives, try the email formula below. Of course, you can always call or go the old-fashioned way and mail a letter. Here’s the House contact information you’ll need:

  • The House of Representatives Web site:

  • Clerk of the House:

  • House e-mail addresses consist of the person’s first name and last name, separated by a dot, followed by (Be aware that some people use nicknames and middle initials.)

Congressional database

Capitol switchboard (House and Senate)

  • 202-224-3121

Mailing address

  • Rep. __________

  • United States House of Representatives

  • Washington, DC 20510

House offices

  • The Capitol (H)

  • Cannon (CHOB), 1st St. & Independence Ave. SE, three-digit room numbers, the first digit is the floor number

  • Longworth (LHOB), Independence Ave. & New Jersey Ave. SE, four-digit room numbers starting with 1, the second digit is the floor number.

  • Rayburn (RHOB), Independence Ave. & S. Capitol St. SW, four-digit room numbers starting with 2. In Rayburn, the second digit is the floor number.

All of the buildings have maps to help you find individual office numbers. In Rayburn there are several subcommittee offices on the “B” level (where the cafeteria is also located).