Considering Australian Political Parties and You - dummies

Considering Australian Political Parties and You

By Nick Economou, Zareh Ghazarian

Part of Australian Politics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Parties are crucial to Australian politics and play a critical role in Australia’s democratic system. Despite common belief, all parties are not the same. Hey, you might even decide to join a political party, or even start one! Some important groups to consider include:

  • The major parties: Australian political history has been dominated by the Labor and Liberal Parties since the end of World War II. Find out these parties’ origins and how their organisations work, and see the impact they make on Australian politics.

  • The minor parties: Heaps of minor parties have emerged in Australian politics, but only a handful have ever won seats in parliament. Understand what makes minor parties tick and the role they play in the policy debate.

  • Independents: Not everyone in parliament represents a party. So check out who these independents are and what they bring to Australian politics.

  • Interest groups and social movements: Not everyone wants to make their impact on politics through parliament. Get to know these organisations and see how their actions can affect policy.