Comparing Recent US Presidential and Congressional Election Results by Party

Trace the changes in party dominance and find out quickly which President was in control during a particular year or whether there was a divided government (when different parties held the presidency and the Senate or House of Representatives).

The year of the election is always the November before the January congressional term starts. So, the November 1900 elections were for the congressional term that lasted from January 1901 until January 1903.

Years of term Presidency (party ID and person) Senate House of Representatives
1901-1903 R (Theodore Roosevelt) R R
1903-1905 R (Theodore Roosevelt) R R
1905-1907 R (Theodore Roosevelt) R R
1907-1909 R (Theodore Roosevelt) R R
1909-1911 R (William Howard Taft) R R
1911-1913 R (William Howard Taft) R D
1913-1915 D (Woodrow Wilson) D D
1915-1917 D (Woodrow Wilson) D D
1917-1919 D (Woodrow Wilson) D D
1919-1921 D (Woodrow Wilson) R R
1921-1923 R (Warren G. Harding/Calvin Coolidge) R R
1923-1925 R (Calvin Coolidge) R R
1925-1927 R (Calvin Coolidge) R R
1927-1929 R (Calvin Coolidge) R R
1929-1931 R (Herbert Hoover) R R
1931-1933 R (Herbert Hoover) R D
1933-1935 D (Franklin D. Roosevelt) D D
1935-1937 D (Franklin D. Roosevelt) D D
1937-1939 D (Franklin D. Roosevelt) D D
1939-1941 D (Franklin D. Roosevelt) D D
1941-1943 D (Franklin D. Roosevelt) D D
1943-1945 D (Franklin D. Roosevelt/Harry S. Truman) D D
1945-1947 D (Harry S. Truman) D D
1947-1949 D (Harry S. Truman) R R
1949-1951 D (Harry S. Truman) D D
1951-1953 D (Harry S. Truman) D D
1953-1955 R (Dwight D. Eisenhower) R R
1955-1957 R (Dwight D. Eisenhower) D D
1957-1959 R (Dwight D. Eisenhower) D D
1959-1961 R (Dwight D. Eisenhower) D D
1961-1963 D (John F. Kennedy) D D
1963-1965 D (Lyndon B. Johnson) D D
1965-1967 D (Lyndon B. Johnson) D D
1967-1969 D (Lyndon B. Johnson) D D
1969-1971 R (Richard Nixon) D D
1971-1973 R (Richard Nixon) D D
1973-1975 R (Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford) D D
1975-1977 R (Gerald Ford) D D
1977-1979 D (Jimmy Carter) D D
1979-1981 D (Jimmy Carter) D D
1981-1983 R (Ronald Reagan) R D
1983-1985 R (Ronald Reagan) R D
1985-1987 R (Ronald Reagan) R D
1987-1989 R (Ronald Reagan) D D
1989-1991 R (George H. W. Bush) D D
1991-1993 R (George H. W. Bush) D D
1993-1995 D (Bill Clinton) D D
1995-1997 D (Bill Clinton) R R
1997-1999 D (Bill Clinton) R R
1999-2001 D (Bill Clinton) R R
2001-2003 R (George W. Bush) D R
2003-2005 R (George W. Bush) R R
2005-2007 R (George W. Bush) R R
2007-2009 R (George W. Bush) D D
2009-2011 D (Barack Obama) D D
2011-2013 D (Barack Obama) D R
2013-2015 D (Barack Obama) D R