How to Print Data from SPSS - dummies

By Keith McCormick, Jesus Salcedo, Aaron Poh

The simplest form of output from SPSS Statistics is to print the numeric rows and columns of the raw data as it appears on the Data View tab of the Data Editor window. To do so, choose File→Print. A familiar Print dialog box appears, where you can select the print settings you need for your system.

The table of data will be printed with lines between the rows and columns, the same as they appear onscreen. The printed form has case numbers to the left and variable names at the top.

If you’re not sure what your output will look like, you can choose File→Print Preview and see, on the screen, the same layout that will be sent to the printer. The zoom and page-selection controls at the top of the window allow you to examine the output.

If the table you’re printing is too wide to fit on the sheet of paper, SPSS splits the output and places the table on multiple pages. You can hold the printed sheets side by side to get the full width of the table.

If you want to print the variable definitions, you can switch from the Data View tab to the Variable View tab before printing. This output always requires two pages because it includes the full width of the table.