Graphs in Unexpected Places in SPSS - dummies

By Keith McCormick, Jesus Salcedo, Aaron Poh

The Graphs menu in SPSS Statistics isn’t the only place that you’ll find powerful graphics options. Most analysis methods, for example, will have a Plots tab. These specialty graphics may not be found in the same form, or with the same features, in the Graphs menu. They also tend to be turned off by default, so if you don’t request them, you usually won’t get them.

Here is a quick list of places to look:

  • The Descriptive Statistics submenu of Analyze has techniques that allow you to explore data including Frequencies and Explore.

  • The Plots tab for many techniques in the Analyze Menu.

  • Dedicated menus for certain specialty modules. For instance, the best graphics for Time Series data are in the Forecasting menu (see the following figure).


  • Analysis techniques whose primary purpose is the production of a graphiclike Correspondence Analysis or the brand-new Spatial and Temporal Modeling menu (see the following figure). Decision trees are a highly visual technique as well.