Analysis of Variance for Mac Users of Excel - dummies

By Joseph Schmuller

You can use StatPlus LE to do analysis of variance in Excel on a Mac. The first thing you have to do, however, is rearrange the data the way StatPlus likes it — in columns. The second thing is to recode variable-level names as numbers.

The following figure shows the rearrangement and the recoding. For the A variable, record Book as 1 and E-reader as 2. For the B variable, record Haettenschweiler as 1, Arial as 2, and Callibri as 3.


Substitute the StatPlus Two-Way ANOVA tool for the Analysis ToolPak tools. The first time you analyze the data, treat Subject as Factor 1 and Font as Factor 2. You must also select Advance Options and select the check box next to No Interaction(s) (Randomized block design).

The second time you analyze the data, treat Media as Factor 1 and Font as Factor 2. This time, make sure that check box is not selected. Otherwise, the steps are the same.

As you undoubtedly notice, the StatPlus ANOVA tools provide a lot of output in addition to the ANOVA tables. After you complete both analyses, you can make life a bit easier by opening a new worksheet and pasting both ANOVA tables into it. Then, complete the earlier Steps 11 through 18 on this worksheet.