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Teach Young Students to Draw with Everything Butt Art iPad App

Teaching young students how to draw with Everything Butt Art iPad app builds their confidence and ability to express themselves. Everything Butt Art is an iPad drawing app that teaches kids how to draw zoo animals . . . with a twist.

Everything Butt Art shows young students step by step how to create the drawing, and it starts with a butt shape. It’s really just a rounded lowercase w, and of course, it isn’t really about derrieres. That’s just the hook the app uses to engage children to learn how to draw. And it works.

When you first open the app, you have the option of creating a profile that will give you certain benefits, including saving and sharing, earning badges for drawing accomplishments, and getting e-mail notifications — or using a guest profile. Tap your selection and proceed to the next screen.

The home page of Everything Butt Art presents a menu of four choices — Draw, Read, Butt Hunt, and Gallery.


Everything Butt Art is an engaging way for kids to learn how to draw simple animals, and younger kids are sure to get a giggle out of the whole butt gimmick. It’s quite simple and easy to master, and although it has limited use, it’s still a nice start to developing the skill of drawing.

Draw with Everything Butt Art iPad App

When you tap Draw, you see a screen full of animals. Choose any one that you’d like to draw by tapping it and following the step-by-step instructions. You can also tap the Freestyle button at the top-right corner, which takes you to an empty page where you can use drawing tools and draw anything yourself.

To draw an animal, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Draw.

    You will see a selection of animals and animal packs to choose among. Three animals come free with the app, and two add-on packs of six animals each can be purchased separately. (Each comes with step-by-step drawing, book pages, and shape search game.)

  2. Tap an animal to select it.

    The next screen displays your animal and step-by-step directions for the final drawing on the bottom. You are presented with two choices: Show Me and Draw.

    Tap the Show Me button to see an animated demonstration as the animal is drawn onscreen for you. The Draw button starts the step-by-step drawing process.

  3. Tap the Draw button.

    You’ll see the steps numbered in a row under the drawing. Your notebook page will be blank except for the outline of the starting butt shape.

  4. Select the Pencil tool and a color, and trace the outline.

  5. When you’re done, tap the next step to display the next set of outlines.

  6. Continue until you have completed the drawing.

    Note that as you tap any of the tools, such as Pencil or Paintbrush, you get a pop-up slider that enables you to set the width of the strokes.

  7. To color in your drawing, tap the Paintbrush icon, and select a paintbrush color.

    This generally is the last step. The paintbrush layer is underneath the pencil layer so that when you color it in, you don’t cover the drawing lines.


Once you have tried it a few times and feel like you’re getting the hang of it, try a more challenging task and draw the animal without tapping each step to add the tracing outlines.

You may find that some fingers aren’t made for drawing on a touchscreen. Invest in a stylus, and use it for writing and drawing. Also, pay a few extra dollars to get one that’s responsive and accurate.

Read with Everything Butt Art iPad app

Tapping the Read option on the main menu takes you to an illustrated page with fun facts about one of the animals. This page includes an illustration of the completed animal plus the step-by step drawing instructions — this time including the body.


Tap the speech bubble icon at the top-left of the screen to have the facts read out loud using the voice of a child. The facts are usually informative and entertaining. Who knew how many pounds of bananas a gorilla eats every day?

Tap the arrows in the bottom corners to turn the page. Each animal has an illustrated page. Tap the star button on the top right to pop up the Home Menu option.

Butt Hunt with Everything Butt Art iPad app

The Butt Hunt option leads you to an illustrated page where you can search for hidden butt shapes.

Have your students turn down the volume before they start this activity. The background jungle noises aren’t quite as cute when they all go off at full volume.

Ready for your butt hunt? Tap the Start button to begin as the child narrator challenges you with that question for the ages: “How many butts can you find?”

Tap the butt shapes in the illustration as you find them, and they highlight while a scoreboard keeps track of your finds.

Gallery with Everything Butt Art iPad app

If you signed up for an account, the drawings are saved to an online gallery that can be set to public or private. If you elected to remain a Guest, the Gallery remains in the app.